Special Events

To kick off Houston’s rodeo season, the National Museum of Funeral History showcases a unique way of sending off cowboys and cowgirls in style with the Last Tip of My Hat exhibition, which runs March 1 – 31, 2015.

Donated by Cowboy’s Last Ride casket company in Early, Texas, the custom made pine coffin featured in the exhibit is set amid a backdrop of a final sunset and reminds you of the old western days when a “simple pine box” was used for burials. “If boots and hats and roping and riding are your style, your last hoorah can reflect that,” says Genevieve Keeney, president of the National Museum of Funeral History. As part of its mission, the museum gives you an understanding of how every funeral can be customized to reflect the personality of the departed and all that was important to them. “That’s what Last Tip of My Hat is all about,” Keeney says, “it demonstrates how your final sendoff can be whatever you want it to be; to leave your l oved ones with a life celebration that speaks to who you were.” You can also view the memorial folder from Roy Rogers funeral, as well as pay tribute to other fallen Hollywood cowboys and cowgirls in the museum’s Thanks for the Memories exhibition.