The National Museum of Funeral History houses the country's largest collection of funeral service artifacts and features renowned exhibits on one of man's oldest cultural customs. Come discover the mourning rituals of ancient civilizations, see up-close the authentic items used in the funerals of U.S. presidents and popes, and explore the rich heritage of the industry which cares for the dead.

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Monday - Friday: 10am until 4pm
Saturday: 10am until 5pm
Sunday: 12pm until 5pm


Adults: $10.00
Seniors/Veterans: $9.00
Children (Under 12): $7.00
Children (Under 3): Free

*Adjustments may be made to exhibit availability to accommodate routine maintenance and/or special programs.

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Register for the 2014 Golf Classic

Get your party of five together and register now for the Museum’s annual golf classic on May 19, 2014. Registration is now open!

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Museum prepares for the Papal Canonization

See how the museum is getting ready for the upcoming Papal Canonization with this television spot on ABC 13 KTRK-TV.

Six Minutes at the Museum

Check out the National Museum of Funeral History on the Houston Matters show on KUHF 88.7 FM

Papal Canonization

With Pope John Paul II and Pope John XXIII to be canonized into sainthood on April 27, the National Museum of Funeral History offers the perfect opportunity to celebrate this once-in-a-lifetime event and learn more about these dignified individuals in the Celebrating the Lives and Deaths of the Popes permanent exhibition.

Visitors will discover the centuries-old rituals set in motion upon the death of a pope, experience the many stages of preparation for the final services and burial and gain a true sense of what it is like to attend a pope's funeral. In addition, guests can see a number of Pope John Paul II related items including the actual sash he wore daily with his cassock, photographs from his funeral mass and original burial in the grotto under St. Peter’s Basilica, a replica of his burial container and crypt, as well as an actual “Pope-mobile” used during Pope John Paul II’s 1982 trip to the United Kingdom.

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