History of Embalming

History of Embalming maps a chronological path through the ages on the preservation of human remains-from the mysterious rituals of ancient Egypt, to the first techniques used in America during the Civil War and up through the early 20th century.

The exhibit begins at the origin of embalming, where the Egyptians mummified their dead to preserve them for the afterlife. On display are model objects and tools used in the mummification process, as well as a collection of pictorial displays and renderings. History of Embalming also devotes itself to the work of Dr. Thomas Holmes, deemed the "father of American embalming," with a full-scale recreation of his embalming station on the Civil War battlefield. Concluding the show is authentic equipment and instruments dating from the early 1900s, on display as part of an embalming room from the era.

Visit the exhibit's photo gallery to view some of the most unique vehicles on display.